Pay Weekly on Freezers

Customers can now buy freezers online from a number of retail catalogues on a weekly payment basis. This includes Homebuy, Telly4U and Littlewoods. Littlewoods has freezer chests on its catalogue and these are on offer at prices as low as £1.20 per week. This site also offers free installation, delivery and repairs. Tell4U also offers freezers on a pay weekly basis. This site uses a tool called a coinmeter to help you with your weekly payment. Your freezer is plugged into the coinmeter and this is plugged into the electrical socket.

When applying for a pay-weekly scheme, you have to decide on the amount of money you’ll be paying every week, and all you need to do is deposit the amount equivalent to how much you need to use the appliance into the meter and Tell4U will send someone to collect the amount every week. If there is some extra money in your meter, you can save it for the next payment, avail a rebate or pay off your weekly payment early. This will save you from paying interest if there is any. There are other options that this store offers which you can discuss with Telly4U personnel who will be sent to your house for free on request.

Beko, Hotpoint are some of the more popular brands that make freezers and they are available on all the retail catalogues. Homebuy is one of the more popular destinations for buy now pay weekly plans and they are currently offering attractive Christmas discounts as well. All these sites also offer home delivery within a week of ordering, some even within the next 2 days. Do keep in mind that they do not do weekend deliveries. All of these websites have a unique collection of freezer chests for you check out.