Pay Weekly on Fridges

There are plenty of ways to keep cool this summer, one of them being buying fridges on a weekly payment basis from a number of catalogues online like PerfectHome, RMTV, EasyPayMidlands and EldonElectricals. The first step into the world of pay weekly is to calculate what your installment is going to be depending on what you earn per week. Perfect Home has a large collection of fridges that you can own for as low as £3.08 per week. This collection includes Indesit and Hotpoint. RMTV also offers fridges and fridges with freezers on weekly installments.

EasyPayMidlands sells fridges at £30 - 40 per week. Higher payments per week help in completing your payment sooner. The website is very helpful when it comes to providing all that customers need to know about the fridge and the payment method for each item that they’re selling instead of having to search further on the website or contact store personnel. The site does not ask for any deposits and it has a 0% APR system. The site also offers a decent rang of fridges for sale, including various American style fridges and ones that come with freezers or freezer fridges.

Eldon Electricals has a very user friendly website that also offers weekly payment deals. You will have to talk to online personnel to land yourself a buy now pay weekly deal. Check out for en entire list of all the sites that offer pay weekly deals like Argos, AppliancesDirect and Comet among others. Be wary of not being up to date with your payments as unless you pay all the installments, the store still owns the fridge and can take it back and hold on to it till you finish payment scheme.