Pay Weekly on iPads

With development in technology, there is always a new gadget or device being introduced in the market, each better than the other. The iPad is one such device that has captured everyone’s fancy. Its various uses, combined with its attractive appearance and portability make it one of the most sought after gadgets today. However, like most technological devices, the iPad too is expensive and not everyone can afford to pay a large sum for it all at once. In such a case, a pay weekly scheme is your best bet.

At Littlewoods, you can choose from their wide range of iPads and avail of interest-free pay weekly schemes. All you need to do is set up a shopping account with the store. After this, you can choose to pay over 20 weeks for any product and over 52 weeks for items that are £100 or more. While paying weekly is a great way to manage your funds, you can also choose to spread the cost further, over 2 or 3 years, with stipulated interest rates. So you can buy the Apple iPad (4th generation), priced at £499, from £4.90 per week. You can also save £30 on a 3rd generation iPad which was earlier selling at £629 and now at £599. This can be bought from £5.89 per week. Because they have so many options, you can choose both, the model and pay weekly option that is best suited to your convenience.

Thus, stores like Littlewoods (and others like Homebuy and Perfect Home) make shopping affordable for everyone. By allowing you to spread the cost of your iPad over weeks, they ensure that you do not miss out on owning an iPad simply because you are reluctant or unable to pay all the money upfront.