Pay Weekly on Laptops

Many customers prefer paying for laptops on a weekly rather than on a monthly basis because jobs which involve manual labor and a lot of low-paying jobs in general pay on a weekly basis. It also results in lower amount to be paid per instalment as there are four instalments in the month instead of just one. Statistical data has shown that most people availing pay weekly schemes usually pay off their outstanding amount faster than those who avail of pay monthly schemes.

There are plenty of websites and local stores in the UK that offer this option. Websites that offer weekly payment options include Littlewoods and Perfecthome. Perfecthome and Littlewoods offer monthly, once in two weeks and weekly payment options. All you need to do is submit a proof of address, identity and income to be approved first to buy laptops. You can pay by cash, by credit card over the phone or by debit and you can take your purchase home right away if you’re at the store and there are no delivery charges if you’re ordering online but the catch is that till the last payment is done, the laptop belongs to the store. A proof of income will help in calculating how much you’re going to be paying every week.

All of these stores are looking for people who can pay up on time so it is important that buyers have good credit ratings. Other requirements include being 18 years of age and being a long time resident of the place. These stores also charge an administration fee which can be a bit heavy which is a downside to weekly payment options. The websites make arrangements if payments cannot be made due to reasons like illness or accident and if the situation is quite serious, the store personnel can be sought for advice.