Pay Weekly Catalogues

Everyone wants to save their money and thus the fascination of buy now pay later schemes is very much understandable. Especially when you are low on credit or want to be financially safe, pay weekly stores and catalogues are the best bets. The benefits of such catalogues are many.

Most of these catalogues don’t charge an extra interest amount for the specified time period. It simply means that you wouldn’t have to pay extra for a product just because you benefitted by it before you paid completely for it. These catalogues also offer considerable discounts on products depending on the season or the popularity of the product itself.

The biggest plus point is the fact that you wouldn’t have to shell out a big amount all at once if you decide to buy an expensive product. The payments can be spaced out quite well to your own convenience. And also the product you want would be delivered to you before you complete the entire payment, so it’s a major plus especially if the product is of urgent need.

Also, if you have to buy items in bulk and are worried about the money you might have to spend, opting for these plans is better because you’ll have lesser amounts segregated over a certain time period. Most catalogues also give you discounts on bulk purchases. Paying in time is obviously better and the customer should do his best to not skip a deadline. That way your credit score will increase as well as the catalogue will enable you for some higher priced products or special discounts. If you forget or cannot make a payment on time, the product will be confiscated until the next payment is done which is quite a reasonable deal.

There are several catalogues which offer the pay weekly schemes. Some of the famous ones include Littlewoods, K & Co. and Very. On Littlewoods, you’d be spoilt for choice because it’s one of the biggest and most popular retailers in the UK. Here you have a huge collection of home items like garden tools, furniture, home textiles and decor, sports equipment, electronics, beauty and health items. If you want to shop for a number of items at once, this is definitely the site for you.

Littlewoods entitles you to a 10 percent discount for your first order and there are cash-backs on various products like TVs and laptops. Customers above the age of 18 can create an account on which all your credit transactions will be recorded.

On K & Co. you can have all your fashion as well as home needs met with the wide range of products they sell. The credit transactions will be recorded on your personal account and you get as much as 30 to 50 percent discount on some products on this catalogue. You have the option of paying monthly or weekly and the time period can be anywhere between 3 months to 1 year.