Pay Weekly on Sports and Gym Equipment

Are you the kind to choose a biking trip over a party? Is your dream date a day out playing a sport? Have you been looking forward to (or trying to save up for) a superb sports equipment this year? Then what could be better than buying it right now? Not enough savings should not be a problem at all!

UK stores are currently running festive offers on sports equipment with easy weekly or monthly installments. These schemes are flexible enough for you to choose to pay (both amount and time) according to your own convenience. You can check your options on store websites and apply online, over the phone or in-store. Then you could strike a deal with the store to reduce weekly pay amounts and spread them over a little longer for that Falcon 24029L Bike Make 2012 the year that you start getting fit with the Nevada men’s Bike at £6.00 (same price for the women’s version) on Buy as you view or a Falcon Vixen 20IN for your little one at £4.08 per week.

For those of you who like to be a sport in the confines of your house, there are offers on gaming equipment as well! At Argos stores, you can get Xbox 360 250GB console bundle or a Sony PlayStation 3 console bundle with Blu-ray Disc capability for HD picture quality and spread out the cost over a few months with the Argos card. And the best part is that these schemes involve no hassles over eligibility or payment orders. All you need, most of the times, is a proof of identity and address and a proof of source of income, and there! You are ready to go! For instance, with Littlewoods, you can instantly open a Shopping Account and open the way to more affordable shopping. Because with a Shopping Account, you can spread the cost of everything you buy and get a 10% off on your first credit order!

The process is simple. You can pay weekly, every two weeks, or monthly (as per the plan you choose). Different stores have different requirements with respect to orders, deposits, and eligibility criterion and so on. For more information, contact the local store directly or log on to their website and apply online. You can also pay off your agreement at any time you choose. But for now, you can get your hands on the gaming equipment you always wished for and play it cool into 2013.