Pay Weekly on TV's

There are plenty of devices that you can buy on an installment basis and one of the most popular of those devices is TVs. There are plenty of deals that you can make to buy TVs on an installment basis and of those buying them on weekly installments happens to really scale down your expenditure. Instead of blowing up to a few hundred or even a thousand pounds in one go, you can pay a few pounds every week for a year or two. You get a wide variety of choices to choose from and you get to take the TV home right away. But you must remember that until the last payment has been made, the TV still belongs to the store so make sure you make your payments on time or there will be a penalty fee.

Online catalogues that offer such deals include DialTV, Homebuy and Perfecthome. Perfecthome, for example, allows you to take home Panasonic LED TVs on a weekly payment of £4.99. This site limits itself to some well known brands but you get some great offers. Most of these sites offer guarantees and after sales services. If there is a problem, you can replace or get your TV fixed within the period of agreement for free. If you choose to return the TV, you can continue your payment where you left and pay only the remaining fee as given in the agreement.

Homebuy, along with its pay weekly options, comes up with attractive deals like movie store credit when you make a deal with them. They also provide damage liability cover where if your TV is damaged, you don’t have to continue to pay for it.