Pay Weekly on Womens Clothing

With the advent of websites like Dorothy Perkins, This Is Hull And East Riding and Beverly People you can now buy women’s clothes on weekly installments. Anyone above the age of 18 with a steady income can make purchases on such stores.

East Buy Ltd makes weekly installment plans that are custom made to suit each customer. You have the choice of choosing one of their plans or proposing a plan of your own. This online catalogue does not do any credit checks. Its other offers include extended warranties on clothes purchased and partial exchange of items. Check out Squidoo for a list of online catalogues that offer clothes on a weekly payments. You can now buy clothes that cost a few hundred Pounds for a manageable £10 a week.

Very welcomes new customers with a discount of 10% and allows you to make pay weekly deals payable within a maximum period of 106 weeks. This brings your weekly payments to as low as £5.20. But Very does charge an interest of 29.9% per annum APR on the balance. You can monitor your transactions on your account that you will have to create at the catalogue. K&Co is one of the top online clothing retail catalogues in the UK and it offers discounts upto 50% along with pay weekly options. Such plans are best taken up by people who are paid weekly. This way, you can get even the most expensive items at a manageable cost. But customers do need to make sure that payments are made on time. Squidoo also provide news on top retail catalogues that offer pay weekly deals. Catalogues With Bad Credit is another website that talks about some of the top websites in the UK that offer pay weekly deals on women’s clothes.